My Story – Dr. Kyla L. Tremper, DC

As a doctor of chiropractic, for over twenty years I had been looking for a nutritional system that my patients would benefit from. I was always disappointed when only a few would get great results. I always try the products on myself and then on my family first.

I was introduced to Isagenix by my Aunt. She and her family have always struggled with their weight and could never fight their urge for junk foods. They began to have health issues as well. She e-mailed my mom one day and said to look up this new product she was taking and have me look into it to see what I thought. Skeptical and busy, it was not my top priority.

Six weeks later, my aunt lost 20 pounds and 34 inches. This sparked my interest. I started asking questions. She claimed the product was all natural with the highest standard ingredients used. I decided to look into it. I found that they use mostly organic and all natural sources to make their products. They claimed to process it in a way that people with allergies would not be allergic. That's a tough one to believe.

I went onto the internet and attempted to look up negative stuff about this product. I have never been fond of network marketing, even though it does make sense. I had thought that network marketing products were inferior, but in fact this is a great way to market a product where there are opportunities for everyone to make money and not just the owners. Kinda like employee owned!

Anyway, I couldn't really find anything bad about this product. There were a few postings that said they didn't like the taste or they didn't lose weight. There was one who said that this product does not offer anything that a person could not do on their own I have realized this is not true unless you are a biochemist with the same amount of knowledge as John Anderson, the formulator of Isagenix. There were thousands of people who raved about the product, how great it tasted, and how well it worked. Also, how much better they felt overall even when they did not want to loose just used it as a healthier way of life. This really caught my attention. Since there were so many good reviews that outweighed the few bad, I decided to try it.

I told my Aunt that I did not want to sign up as a member and I only wanted to try the 9-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System. I paid full price for these products. Remember, I was still skeptical. I only had 15 pounds to loose which are the hardest. I was going to challenge this product!!!

I started my products and within no time I started feeling better, I had more energy, I was not hungry, I didn't crave anything including coffee, and in a couple days, I started to sleep better. I hadn't had a good nights sleep since 2001. I loved the taste of the products. I did not suffer any allergies to them. I even had my son try them and he suffered terribly from allergies. He had no reaction. I lost 11 pounds and 19 « inches on the 9-day system. WOW!

I have since became a member for the yearly membership of $19 and now have my entire family using Isagenix. My son came to me and said: "Mom, I love this food. It makes me feel great and not sick after eating." To a mom struggling on what to feed their child that won't make them feel sick, this is a MIRACLE!

I can not tell you how much these products have made a difference in our lives. If you want to be healthy, you need to include the Isagenix system into your daily routine.

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Yours in health,

Dr. Kyla L. Tremper, DC