Monthly Maintenance Fee: $99 p/m, $159 p/m, $199 per month.

I have individualized each of the strategy components as separate indicators during the testing process that can be currently downloaded for free. My ultimate intent is to marry these indicators with the strategy at a future point. This point seems to be taking much longer that I’ve ever set out to be (currently about four years in total now).

The TREMPER Trader® strategy is currently at the point that this trade mechanics tool will manage your trade based on your predefined rules. In the Manual-Mode you are still required to determine the markets direction, and once recognized, a one-button click will do everything else for you. In the Auto-Mode the logic will do everything for you.

Due to the exorbitant costs associated with this endeavor, I have created a small maintenance fee to offset some of these expenses. As trade logic is implemented and new versions are uploaded, new pricing will be formulated. Once your maintenance subscription is canceled, prior price plans will be obsolete.

INSTALLATION CAUTION: If you have previously installed either the Entry Zone indicator or the Trade Management strategy, they must to be removed first to avoid a failure. Control Panel/Tools/Remove NinjaScrip Assembly.

TREMPER Trader® Strategy Overview

TREMPER Trader® Manual Mode Explained

TREMPER Trader® Pivot Trailing Stop Explained

       This strategy requires NinzaRenko bars installed. Found on this webpage under TOOLS/Free Stuff.

Free Beta trial available:    TREMPER Trader® v1.224 DOWNLOAD Link    

TEMPLATES: This template zip file must be extracted into your Ninja folder: C:..\Documents\NinjaTrader 8\templates\Strategy\TREMPERtraderBeta

Latest file structure:           Sample data and Template .zip files  

Trade Evaluation Stats

Algo Statistics

TREMPER Trader Audio Files

Installing Add-ons in NinjaTrader

Machine ID How To Instructions .