ENTRY ZONE for NinjaTrader 8

UPDATE 12/31/21: This Entry Zone indicator has been incorporated into the TREMPER Trader strategy.

This entry setup has been coded and created for me using my entry rules. Through its development I have received many inquiries for me to share this. I am still in beta testing mode and soon my intent is to add this code to the TREMPER Trader strategy (Bot) that is already available to be used in the "Auto Mode".

This whole project has turned into a very costly endeavor and therefore is free (for now). If you would like to see these Entry Zones in action, feel free to contact me or join our Zoom room as I use it currently. Keep in mind however, it's still in Beta--I have a lot more to do.



Entry Zone Description Video

Your download link is below but as always feel free to contact us with any questions.

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