ATR Projections Trader v1.4.11 Strategy

Thank you for your interest in the ATR Projections Trader® strategy. This is a free download, however your 3rd Party License ID is required to run after the trial period. Please complete this contact form and include your 3rd Party License ID.

ATR Trader templates path:   ...\NinjaTrader 8\templates\Strategy\ATRProjectionsTrader

5/1 Chart ATR Trader and ATR Indicator templates, and ATRT settings printout: Zip File, Revised: 05/29/21

ATR Projections Trader®   Settings Video

How to download your trade data (04/23/21)

ATR Projections Trader Strategy® DOWNLOAD Link, Updated: 06/02/22 06/08/22

ATR Projections Indicator®

Trend Trade Conditions

Beta tester only. Please run NinjaScript Output while using.

Beta Tester Communication

ATR Trader Version Updates

• MAE/MFE Extensions tweaks • MAs separator option • MAs individual color/shape/size schemes (color follows trend) • Added "Require MA Separations". Large and EMA/SMA (if enabled). • Fixed stuck trading • Not setting priority to high (will you Windows) • Barrier bar only filters price going into bar, not if bar is behind price. • Bug Fixes

Pivot Stop Management (03/19/21)

Barrier Bar Into (03/18/21)

ATR Trader Settings (02/18/21)

ATR Trader Punch List (02/19/21)

Please let me reemphasize I am only testing on SIM and do not recommend moving to live until we evaluate data.