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Trade Room

Trade Room Zoom Link  Just somewhere to trade together Also...

Skype Trade Group

Skype Invite Link  Free to join: Traders Helping Traders Also...

Social Hour (Webcam Required)

Social Hour Zoom Link    Also...  A meeting place to hang out and just talk about trading. Come and socialize in the virtual bar. Great for Meet-and-Greets.

Monday - Friday 3-5 (ET) Social Hour -- One hour of live trade action followed by chit-chat.

          SIDE NOTE:

          Our original "Social Hour" started on Monday after market at 4:15 ET. However, Social Hour(s) has expanded and now open M-F from 3-5:00 ET to incorporate an hour of live market and then chit-chat.

          The true concept behind Social Hour was for a Meet-and-Greet type of environment. This requires your webcam in order to actually meet others whom we text all week in the Traders Group. To get to know one-and-other, I strongly encouraged a webcam in order to meet other traders and put a face to their name.

          When you need help setting up your chart or have a trade question, it is much easier helping someone you truly know.



Please check Calendar of Events for upcoming interests.