Community & Communication

Trade Room* Zoom Link. Monday-Friday AM; Just somewhere to trade together.

Discord Free to join: Discord's Traders Group (Traders Helping Traders).

Skype Traders Group Free to join: Skype's Traders Group (Traders Helping Traders).

Direct Chat Quick question? Tech support? How-to? (if I'm available)    

Personal Scheduling Calendar Need a screen sharing meeting for technical support or other?    

YouTube Channel Subscribe and click the bell for notifications of new videos!"

Social Hour (Tech Support) Zoom Link. (Webcam Encouraged):  A meeting place to hang out and just talk about trading. Come and socialize in the virtual bar. Monday - Friday 4-5 (ET)

SIDE NOTE: The true concept behind Social Hour was for a meet-and-greet type of environment. To meet and get to know other traders, a webcam is encouragement but not required. To meet and put a face-to-a-name of the others whom we text all week in the Traders Group, a webcam helps. When you need help setting up your chart or have a trade question, it is much easier helping someone you've met and know.

Respectfully, Steve

Need Help? Contact Free free to ask.