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Are you ready to swim with the sharks on your first day? With the markets you're not allowed to start swimming in the kiddy pool. You can do all the research and read all the books but at some point you have to jump in with your first trade, and when you do the sharks will start circling the moment you're in. The market has its own language and your job is to learn how to understand and speak it (swim).

Regardless of your strategy or edge on what market or indicator you use the Discipline Manager® will help you stay alive and prevent you from you. No more over trading, revenge trading, blown accounts and wishing you had someone over my shoulder saying... "you're done for the day".

So that's where the Discipline Manager® came to be. So hold on to your capital and come back tomorrow by succeeding to the day's battle but don't lose the war.

Short Summary

Discipline Manager® is designed to allow you to set your own hard daily and weekly drawdown limit along with your goals. If your hard drawdown limits are hit, you're done for the day and/or week with new trades not allowed. Once your daily or weekly goal is hit, you can continue to trade but never giving back more than your set percentage or dollar amount of your goal, and if hit, you're done for the day/week. This is called your Dynamic Drawdown Limit based on your account high for the day and week. Warning boxes will be displayed when your thresholds are breached.

The Discipline Manager will help with your trading discipline, and that, in turn will lead you to healthier psychology.

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