Sample Data

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Sample Data for Analytic Programming

Excel Formula Files:

Current .csv File Structure: Output Header Row, v1.301

Helix Data Files:

Data .csv Output File: 135mb, v1.322 (313.CL.13-2.Setup5B.04 created 11/04/22)

Parameter .csv Output File: 4kb, v1.322 (313.CL.13-2.Setup5B.04 created 11/04/22)

Data .csv Output File: 57mb, v1.301 (created 09/25/22)

Parameter .csv Output File: 4kb, v1.301 (created 09/25/22)


Sample Data .csv Output File: 48mb

Sample Data .csv Output File: 45mb

Sample Data .csv Output File: 23mb

Sample Data .csv Output File: 12mb

Sample Data .csv Output File: 11mb

Sample Data .csv Output File: 103mb

Beta Testers How-To's:

How to download data for spreadsheet analytics: Downloading NinjaTrader Data 


The template zip files must be extracted into your Ninja folder:

C:..\Documents\NinjaTrader 8\templates\Strategy\Helix