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Summary: An Entry Signal is issued by the server. The Signal Plotter indicator receives the signal and responds by drawing a vertical line on the price bar. Additionally, it displays three horizontal line segments, suggesting Entry, Stop, and Target levels (note that these are advisory recommendations). If permitted by you, it automatically places an order along with your preferred ATM (Automated Trade Management) settings. If enabled, on the bar following execution, the smart stop and target(s) are adjusted to their recommended values based on market conditions. From that point, you and/or the trailing ATM manages the trade.

Key Features: It's important to note that different trade setups may exhibit varying behaviors based on market conditions. Entries, Stops, and Targets are considering various factors calculated meticulously considering multiple factors. Target levels are strategically chosen considering a minimum of eighteen calculated algorithms.

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Version Update Notes:

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Current Version v23.11.14.01:
Addition of Pre-Signal lines as vertical dotted lines before each signal. They use the same color as the original signal lines for long and short.

Past versions
v23.11.12.01: Adds Chart Trader panel EZ buttons. Flag Buy/Sell: Will set a limit buy/sell order at a price that's 10 points below/above the current trading price. This order will follow the ATM strategy and contract quantity that you've chosen in the indicator settings. The purpose is to allow you to manually adjust the order's entry point on the chart panel after it's been placed. This function is independent of the algorithm and is designed as a convenient tool to swiftly set and adjust entry orders at your discretion.

BE (Break-even): Adjusts your existing stop(s) to match your average entry price when you're in profit (current trading price is greater than the average entry price). In the event of a loss, it repositions your existing target orders to align with your average entry price. Should neither action be applicable (suggesting you hold a naked position without a stop or target orders), it will generate a new stop order. This new stop order will be set at your entry price if your profit is 6 points or more, or it will be placed 10 points below the current trading price if you're in a loss.

BE+n: Adjusts existing stop or target order to ___ points depending on whether you are at a loss or profit. If current profit is greater than 5.50 points, then moves stop to ___ points. Otherwise, moves target to ___ points.

      BE+5: Adjusts stop to +5 points. If profit is greater than 5.50 points, moves stop to +5 points. Otherwise, moves target to +5 points.

      BE+10: Adjusts stop to +10 points. If greater than 10.50 points, moves stop to +10 points. Otherwise, moves target to +10 points.

      BE+15: Adjusts stop to +15 points. If greater than 15.50 points, moves stop to +15 points. Otherwise, moves target to +15 points.

STP++ Moves existing stop order(s) 4 ticks in favor.

TGT++ Moves existing target order(s) 4 ticks further away.

v23.10.13.01: Customize colors of the exhaustion diamonds (no size ability). Minor log messages and bug fixes. On the server side, added support for S/R lines and not issuing signals when we are in the vicinity of S/R lines. When S/R are about 7 points above current price or 7 points below current price, no signals are issued. Don't forget to remove older version first.

v23.10.04.03: Exhaustion Diamond (real-time forward only). Plots identifier only for future logic, but does not change trade management. However, if you see the Exhaustion Diamond, pay attention.

v23.10.04.02: Option to change pause for News as low as one minute prior/post news. News High/Medium drop-down menu. Setting change to Daily max loss ('-' required). Default time 09:33 - 03:48.

v23.10.04.01: Moved system communications to bottom left of screen and News events to bottom right. Internal stop management logic.

v23.10.01.01: Improvements for latency! Optional "Dynamic Management" will place targets and stop based on internal logic. Optional customizable ATM selections. Latency should be improved. Trade setups now require internal logic confirmations resulting in fewer losers. Increased historical signals download period to past 72 hour in order to accommodate Mondays.

v23.09.29.01: 1) In order to solve the browser cache issues I have added the version into the file name forcing your browser to download the newest file. However, in doing such it requires the removal of the old version prior to the new install (Control Center/Tools/Remove NinjaScrip Assembly...Signal Plotter.v23....).
2) Message colors changed to accommodate white and black charts.
3) Allows historical plots for 48 hours.
4) Shows medium and high news events for today only.
5) Adds signal latency. Displays MS (milliseconds) at the Entry Line (not historical). If enabled, forces time required, if disabled, will execute regardless.
6) Token is hidden.
7) Added Setup 2 logic. If you open the text file in \Documents\NinjaTrader 8\receivedsignalfiles\ folder, the filename will identify the signal type.
8) Added Close On Deterioration, default enabled. If disabled, will receive a warning only.
9) Five NEW distinct trade exit options each tailored to different market conditions and trading preferences:
   a) Area-Based Target (Chartreuse): Ideal for trading ranges or choppy markets, this option identifies opposing areas or clusters.
   b) Market-Based Target (Goldenrod): Designed for trending markets with wild swings, this strategy calculates the average distance the market has historically traveled on either side of the 55 EMA over the last five attempts.
   c) Average of Both: This exit strategy provides a balanced approach, targeting the midpoint between the area-based and market-based targets.
   d) Max of Both: For those aiming for the farthest exit point from their entry, this option selects the more distant target of the two.
   e) Min of Both: Suitable for choppy markets when targets may be difficult to reach, this strategy chooses the closer target to the entry point.
By default, the area-based target is represented in Chartreuse, while the market-based target is indicated in Goldenrod on your charts. However, please note that these colors are fully customizable to align with your individual preferences. These exit options enhance your ability to adapt to varying market conditions and trading scenarios, empowering you to make more informed and precise trading decisions.

v23.09.27.05: Ticks distance added to targets. Historical markers remain plotted on chart after refresh with a max of 48 hours. Value lines on correct side of vertical execution line. Value lines plot the distance of the Cancel If Not Filled setting. v23.09.27.04 Vertical executions lines and news events synced to proper time zone. Historical markers remain plotted on chart after refresh (not tested). Errors plot to the Log tab for tracking. v23.09.27.02 Please make sure you're using the current version. Must enter your registered email address and token within setting. Check email for required token.     

Please visit Troubleshooting for any initial problems. For technical support questions, feel free to visit Social Hour for technical support in order to share screens. The 'Trades Group' in Skype is also a great participation tool as the motto is "Traders Helping Traders".