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Summary: With the on-slot of Funding Firms that have become very popular over the last few years, it's as important as every to watch your account. I a pilot navigating the skys, you must navigate the market conditions and more importantly, your margin! With only limited funds available to trade, every penny is precious, and only one will blow your account. The Status Box will give you your instrument gages right on your windshield (chart).

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Status Box Single License: $99/annually.  

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     Status Box Overview

     Trailing Drawdown Explained

How To's:

     3rd Party Vendor's Machine ID Instructions

     How to install account commissions

     How to install NinjaTrader Add-ons

     How to remove NinjaTrader Add-ons

Version Update Notes:

Receive email updates specific to the Status Box.   (See version notes in box below)   Troubleshooting  
Current Version:  Status Box v23.12.06.01 and Status Box AddOn v81.
Fixes Long/Short/Flat display from other instruments. Fixes Unrealized PnL refresh from other instruments. NinjaTrader relaunch required.

Please review Troubleshooting for questions.
In order for price to match you're broker, you will need to add your Commissions within NinjaTrader 8.
Any questions, feel free to reach out in Social Hour for technical support in order to share screens.