This strategy is the combination of the Entry Zone indicator and the Trade Management strategy, hence the name Helix (or double Helix).

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Helix® - Indicator $0, Maintenance $0/monthly. Beta version/Expires 12/31/22.

Indicators Options & Files:

     Templates & Addons


     Strategy Overview    Manual Mode Explained    Pivot Trailing Stop Explained

     This strategy uses Range or FREE NinzaRenko Bars. Free downloads on this website under TOOLS/Free Stuff.

     Free Add-on: Status Box


     Trade Candlestick   "Your" individual trade's candlestick pattern.

     Statistical Sample Data Analytic Data to be reviewed in the Analytics menu.

How To's:

     Machine ID How To Instructions   Your Machine ID is required after your trial period for continued use. Contact Form

     3rd Party Vendor's Machine ID Instructions   Occasionally it is necessary to create a 3-party Vendor Machine ID.

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Please visit Social Hour to address any technical issues as there are many traders happy to help other traders. The Trade Room can be used for small chit-chat but ideally it remains as a visual.

Version Update Notes:

Receive update emails specific to the Helix.
Current Version:  1.357: Background color logic included to incorporate EMA Orientation (Group 2.1). Still waiting on Auto logic but Manual Mode is done using template SKU: "".
SKU = Settings Reference Number, Instrument, Chart Type, Your email as personal identifier).
Any questions, feel free to reach out in Social Hour for technical support in order to share screens.
If you interested in adding your personal entry rules with trade management... Ask