This strategy is the combination of the Entry Zone indicator and the Trade Management strategy, hence the name Helix (or double Helix).

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Indicators Options & Files:

     Optional Templates & Audio Files   NinjaTrader version 64-bit


     Helix® Introduction

     Strategy Settings Overview

     This strategy uses Range or FREE NinzaRenko Bars. Free downloads on this website under TOOLS/Free Stuff.

     Free Add-on: Status Box


     Trade Candlestick   "Your" individual trade's candlestick pattern.

     Statistical Sample Data Analytic Data to be reviewed in the Analytics menu.

How To's:

     3rd Party Licensing  This 'Unique Machine ID' is required after trial period for continued use. Contact Form

     How to install account commissions

     How to install NinjaTrader Add-ons

     How to remove NinjaTrader Add-ons


Please visit Social Hour to address any technical issues as there are many traders happy to help other traders. The Trade Room can be used for small chit-chat but ideally it remains as a visual.

Version Update Notes:

Receive email updates specific to the Helix®.
Current Version:  Helix® v8x. These changes reference NinjaTraders's mandatory update. Ninja has changed their 'Key' licensing system using two type of logic. Version is for desktop users that reply on the Key License the way you have been used to. The new is for users that use the web or mobile logins. Both options are the same other than how you log into their system and how it verifies your license. What that means for vendors is more of a pain because two versions need to be exported. My initial thought was only export the desktop version because that's all I use. However, I don't know how many users are or planning to use the web/mobile version. I have never seen the mobile version and have no idea how one can trade on a 3" screen. Regardless, I plan to setup a secondary machine using web/mobile version, and my main machine using the desktop version Currently I have uploaded the Helix® desktop version 8.0. with the web version 8.1 coming soon. If you are using version, Helix80 will not load. You will need to REMOVE the older version before this install: Control Center/Tools/Remove Ninjascript Assembly...
That said, you'll notice a change in Helix's version numbers. The new version format will read "NT version.YR.MO.DAY.Latest Number" and will look like: and Again, these are the same other than the version of NinjaTrader you are using. Did I mention this will be a pain? You will need to REMOVE the older version before this install: Control Center/Tools/Remove Ninjascript Assembly...
With the export of the above, Setup 3's Auto Mode is included in this file but NOT complete. DO NOT enable Auto Mode and leaving thinking it's an ATM machine! Setup 3 Manual Mode Tutorial Caution: to disable the Up/Down bars required fast attention.
Templates: If you've changed your settings, I recommend using "save as" and rename to something else. Please report any issues preferably in detail with instrument, date, and time so it can be duplicated.
Any questions, feel free to reach out in Social Hour for technical support in order to share screens.
If you interested in adding your personal entry rules with trade management... Ask